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More Clients · More Bookings · More Money

No Signup or Subscription Fees

We believe that commission should be transparent, clear and fair. 


That’s why at BEAUTYNOIR we have a simple commission policy. 


There are no monthly fees, no cost to list your products or services, and no complicated calculations to work out the fees you pay. 


We simply deduct an 8% commission from any sale you make on the BEAUTYNOIR marketplace, this includes both products and services. 


With this model you only pay if you make money. This means there is practically no risk


By listing your products and services on BEAUTYNOIR you will gain exposure to thousands of potential new customers each month. 


We hope to bring you more bookings, more sales and more income. 


What about card processing fees?


We use Stripe, the world leading online payment processing company.


The 8% commission you pay includes all of the payment processing and transfer fees that we have to pay Stripe so there are no additional fees or surprises.


We are leading the rescue plan for the hair and beauty industry. Our marketplace is here to help you discover new clients. Take better bookings once lock down is over but also make money now by selling your products on our marketplace. 

Did you know failure to digitise sees UK beauty industry loses out on £1.2 billion with us you can get your beauty business online today.

More Clients 

We showcase your products and services to thousands of Nubian queens and all of them are looking for what you offer. It’s a match made in beauty heaven. 

More Bookings

No more DMs on Instagram to try and make an appointment. You can book quickly and easily with BEAUTYNOIR. You focus on the work and we take care of the rest.

Book· Beauty · Better 

More money  

BEAUTYNOIR aims to provide an exceptional and luxury experience for all clients. We trust you will deliver. We believe with great service, comes great wealth. Thats why we are also here to help you increase your revenue. Charge clients seamlessly through the site and get paid instantly.  Reduce no-shows, by implementing upfront fees or simply sending reminders.  stay booked and busy with BEAUTYNOIR.