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Dear Nubian Queen

Here being black is no afterthought, you deserve to book and buy beauty better.

Our marketplace allows you to discover the best black beauty service providers and products.

 And buying from us also means that you will be supporting our beauty specialists, and their predominately black owned businesses.


Do you have a product or service our Nubian Queens will adore? 

Experience the magic of BEAUTYNOIR

Apply now and together we will co-create her beauty wonderland.

You help her whilst we you.

Discover new clients

We showcase your products and services to thousands of Nubian queens and all of them are looking for what you offer. It’s a match made in beauty heaven. 

Peaceful Bookings

No more DMs on Instagram to try and make an appointment. You can book quickly and easily with BEAUTYNOIR. You focus on the work and we take care of the rest.

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BEAUTYNOIR aims to provide an exceptional and luxury experience for all clients. We trust you will deliver. We believe with great service, comes great wealth. Thats why we are also here to help you increase your revenue. Charge clients seamlessly through the site and get paid instantly.  Reduce no-shows, by implementing upfront fees or simply sending reminders.  stay booked and busy with BEAUTYNOIR.